Gayle Ferris (mary_sue_murder) wrote,
Gayle Ferris

Woah, nostalgia trip.

And now for something completely different...

Yup, that's me. 1985, on my second birthday. We're in Florida at my grandparent's house. They put me in widdle fucking gloves, how cute is that? They match my widdle shoes. And my purse. And my dress. I accessorized much better when I was 2.

My first school picture, back in kindergarten. Personally I think I had a freaky lumpy face when I was little, but mebbe that's just me.

January, 1989. Technically this picture wasn't dated, but as I'm at the hospital holding my newborn little sister, Heather, I think I might be able to narrow the date down a bit, don'tcha think?

The christmas card we did for 1997. Those are our gerbils, the one on my side is mine. His name was Swizzle Stick. I don't know why. He was my widdle baby. This is right about before I started dying my hair, and check out that nice chipped black nail polish. Mmmhmm, high fashion.

My first cruise ever. Disney cruise lines. My braces make my teeth look pointy and what is up with my hair? You can't tell but this was my long-red-hair-and-blond-streak phase that lasted from eighth grade into ninth.

Disney MGM Studios, 1999, outside of Star Tours. My hair has been cut short for the first time. See those shorts? It took hell to get me into those - or rather summertime in Florida, which can be about as hot. Why? Because despite the fact that I got heavier in high school, it was during these last three pictures that I got made fun of the most in school and basically gave up on wearing shorts again. Only weather over 95 degrees when I had to do a lot of walking outside could get me into shorts, and I hated that because I loathed how I look. I actually don't hate my body as much as I did then, and that's saying a lot

Anyways, now to update...

That's me, right now. Just took it when I was in the bathroom, piddling. Because I'm sure you all needed to know that. And somewhere my parents are shrieking "WHAT HAPPENED?!" Snorfle.

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