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Fanart 100

No, unfortunately, I'm not officially joining that who livejournal community thing as it seems my claim is taken, but the artist isn't doing anything with it. So, rather than cause problems, I'm going to do it on my own.

ATTENTION: I, the fabulous Gayle Ferris, will be producing 100 pieces of art focused on/involving Bill Weasley of Harry Potter fame.

However, as I'm flying under radar here and being all unofficial-like, I require some help. "So how can I help you Gayle?" you may ask. Well, I'll tell you.

1) Give me some prompts! I don't need the full 100 since I want a few of my choice, but I'd like as many prompts as possible since I'm bound to run low on inspiration. So gimmie a prompt for Bill. Anything. It can be specific, it can be one word, hell you can just give me a color. ANYTHING. Just comment here and list the prompts you want me to make art from and lo, it shall be done.

2) Pimp me. Like I was your whore. I'm not in the fanart100 group so I won't get noticed, and all artists/writers/whatevers out there know how much it helps to know someone's looking at your stuff. I won't beg and grovel for comments, I just want to know that I'm drawing my fingers off for more than just myself here. Though, to be honest, I'd do this anyways. I want to like make the first ever Bill Weasley music video with all the art when I'm done.

3) If you're feeling charitable, comment on my art when I post it. It lifts my spirits and encourages me to keep on truckin'. This is the last you'll hear of me asking about comments period as, like I said before, I don't want to beg. Like my stuff? Lemme know. But hey, I'm not doing this for a banner to brag about. That's something, right?

Ok, so I can keep track, I'll...

Bill Weasley fanart100 prompts:

001.Artist's Choice (R) 002.Nekkid 003.Egypt Cats 004.Broomstick 005.Slash
006.Choc. Cake 007.Dragons 008.Volleyball. 009.Blue 010.Grey Hair
011.Greyback 012.Scarred.(NWS) 013.Wedding 014.Babies! 015.French Kiss
016.Battlefield 017.B/F cute!sex 018.B/G revenge 019.B/G fluff 020.Bill/Casey
021.Bill/Miles 022.B/F sexy dress-up 023.Too much hair! 024.B/C brother!smut(NC-17 NWS) 025.B/C brother!fluff
026.Sock Puppets. 027.B/P brother!fluff 028.Valentine(NWS) 029. B/F dancing 030. kitchen
031. Star Wars 032. header 033. Bill/Cedric 034. Compass. 035. Make-up.
036. Schmutty. 037. Teaching Ron. 038. Bill/Twins.NC-17) 039. Bill/Draco bite. 040. B/D/Hr moonlit.
041. B/Hr bookshelf. 042. B/F/Hr corsets. 043. B/Hr/C schoolgirl. 044. B/Hr/Anyone. 045. Role Reversal.(NC-17)
046. Bill/Harry. 047. Working. 048. Band. 049. Fic: Stag Night. 050. Smoking.
051. blank. 052. blank. 053. blank. 054. blank. 055. blank.
056. blank. 057. blank. 058. blank. 059. blank. 060. blank.
061. blank. 062. blank. 063. blank. 064. blank. 065. blank.
066. blank. 067. blank. 068. blank. 069. blank. 070. blank.
071. blank. 072. blank. 073. blank. 074. blank. 075. blank.
076. blank 077. blank 078. blank 079. blank 080. blank
081. blank 082. blank. 083. blank. 084. blank. 085. blank.
086. blank. 087. blank. 088. blank. 089. blank. 090. blank.
091. blank. 092. blank. 093. blank. 094. blank. 095. blank
096. blank. 097. blank. 098. blank. 099. blank. 100. blank.

Total art finished: 13/100!
(NWS) = Not Work Safe
(R) = Rated R
(N) = Rated NC-17 (smut-ish)

Gimmie some prompts!
Tags: fanart, fanart100
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