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Well fuck my ass and put me in an Ang Lee movie.

I went to bed last night because I had this pounding headache, right? Usually those fade if I just keep my eyes closed for an hour or so. Yeah, well it's 6 hours later and I was woken up BY said headache, before my alarm even went off. And now I get to go to work with it.

This is one of those makes-your-vision-pulse-with-the-throbbing ones too. Goody goody.

Almost done with T's present. I've been burning the shit out of my fingers making it though. Owies. I've just been bringing the pain these last few hours, huh?

I have Lucy for School of Glock finished and scanned. Just coloring her now. Technically I already drew her but I didn't like how she came out and after I drew her I'd decided on uniforms for each different department of the school so it's just as well. The psychic kid's done too, but she looks too simple. I'm waiting to see if there's something else I can do with her. And Dmitri, of course, is on the way.

I'll post them all once they're colored.

Now it's off to work with me and my splitting headache.
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