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Random updates

- New journal layout with updated artwork. Afraid there's a little less Bill Weasley and Simon Tam and a bit more music slash and my own personal artwork for comic projects of mine.

- The people at viawentztop are nuts. As of right now there are 71 comments in my 101 things to do with a Pete Wentz Cardboard Standup list. I already had 30 of my own on the list, so if each comment has just one suggestion then we're already done. Fucking insane.

- Have you seen Cobra Starship's Snakes on a Plane (Bring It) music video yet? Please see it. This makes me want to get up off my ass and throw together the snakesonalady community I had started way back when. No, shut up, I've been psyched for this movie since February.

- Lady in the Water was better than I expected. And the ending didn't suck balls like, say, The Village did.

- Working on sidereal's birthday presents for her birthday this Friday. Shh, it's a secret!

- Pondering starting another LJ and making this one for my fan fiction and fan art only, or vice versa. Why? Because while the average person might be interested in getting to know more about me based on my mundane life or some of my interests, stopping by my journal to find a fic with a warning like WAYCEST CONTAINED WITHIN might be a bit much for a first impression.
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